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Join the family for a fun afternoon at our Italian style farmhouse kitchen for a cooking class. Classes are run by myself, along with my parents who owned one of the very first restaurants in Northbridge when they migrated to Australia from Italy. They also owned & ran other very successful restaurants throughout their career. Home cooking is a huge part of our culture and Sunday family lunch with home made pasta was and still is a ritual. Classes are hands on & run for approximately 2 hours (from 2pm to 4pm) with up to 12 students, and are designed to feel like a typical Italian family gathering. You will enjoy an aperitivo including a glass of Italian vino bianco, an apron, take what you make, & taste your cooking in class. Eggs used for our classes are fresh from our very own chickens and spinach for the Ravioli is grown in our garden using no nasties. We choose to focus on one dish in class so it is relaxing rather than hectic & students are more likely to make the dish again at home because we keep it simple.

Classes cost $105 per person (unless stated otherwise). Parent/child classes do not include vino bianco. Private bookings and team building workshops are also available. Children’s fresh pasta classes cost $55 per child (unless stated otherwise) and usually start at 10am or 2pm. Private class cost varies depending on requirements.

To book all you have to do is send me an email:


Cannoli with Creamy Ricotta Filling

Everyone’s favourite! We will even make some crostoli in class too

8th February (8 places left)

22nd February (10 places left)

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Ravioli con Spinaci e Ricotta

A dish my mamma & papa` would make for up to 300 guests at weddings they would host. Masters!

7th March - (10 places available)

23rd May - (10 places available)

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Gnocchi di Ricotta

A simple & easy to make recipe handed down to me by my zia

4th April - (8 places available)

25th April - (10 places available)

16th May - (10 places available)

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A pasta from the Molise region in Italy (& my MIL’s signature dish) made with Semola Flour. Easy to make and delicious to eat. (Vegetarian/Vegan)

28th March (10 places available)

6th June - (8 places available)

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'Pasta Parties'

are the new thing and they
are a good thing!  
Immerse your guests in the art of making fresh pasta and feeling ever so proud of bringing home the family's dinner
ready to cook.


Adult Pasta Parties 

Hen's Nights, Birthday Parties, Corporate Team Building or for any type of event. Come and take a quick class in the art of making pasta, then sit down with your crowd for a long table tasting. Click to learn more.