Italian Language Classes


Italian Language Adult Beginners Classes

Using various resources students will sit around a table in an intimate setting and learn by:
- listening, speaking and responding
- viewing, reading and responding
- writing
Students will learn basic ways to communicate in Italian, new vocabulary and a little grammar. These lessons are ideal for anyone thinking of travelling to Italy, or simply for those who love and have always wanted to learn the language. (textbook required)

Intermediate Italian Language Classes

Guided by a textbook, revising grammar and also covering listening, reading, writing, comprehension & a lot of conversation activities. 

Italian Language Conversation Classes

Come along and chat in a small group situation to practice your Italian. Topics will be given to students weekly so they can come to call prepared (or not!) and chat in a relaxed environment.

High School Student Classes

(available on request)

Get prepared for your WACE exams by practicing your Italian grammar! These classes will help all high school students with their Italian. Students will be revising verb tenses, doing readings and comprehension activities, listening and responding, and practicing conversation. Maximum of 10 students in the class. Anyone can join at any time during this course. A great way to better your WACE marks!


Tween Italian Class

Designed for your wonderful tween! Guided by a textbook, covering listening, reading, writing, comprehension & speaking activities, & playing age appropriate games which they love to do, your tween will be well prepared for their highschool Italian years.