Benvenuti to my new blog series, 'Are you Italian?'

In this series I will be asking questions I have always wanted to ask children born in
another country from an Italian parent or parents.
The people I will be interviewing are close friends, school friends,
aquaintences, people I have worked with, and people who I have met online through social media.
Wonderfully regular people who have a story to tell about their identity,

exactly how Italian they feel, and their ties to all things Italian.
Enjoy ! 

 If you were born to an Italian parent or parents and would like to
share your story on the 'Are You Italian?' blog series you can contact us here:

Claudia Bertorello
Meet journalist and presenter Claudia Bertorello-Kell who grew up in times when being Italian wasn't as trendy as it seems now and remembers the Aussie kids at school wanting to swap their vegemite sandwiches for her cotolette or prosciutto rolls. Here's her story...

​(Pictured Claudia & her nonna)
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Paola Bacchia
Meet the gorgeous cookbook author and photographer Paola Bacchia
who was called Paula by her school friends and says her school lunches were much like the Australian kids lunches. Paola chose
to reconnect with her Italian heritage 10 years ago, and believes
a passport doesn't define ones identity. 
So how does Paola identify?

(Pictured: Paola's papa` & mamma just arrived in Australia)
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Tania Nicolo

Meet my 'amica del cuore' Tania Nicolo. Tania is the owner of Monstarella Pizzeria in Wembley, an area she grew up and went to school in. Also an area where Italian immigrants were & still are, the minority. A year spent in Italy was definitely not all roses for her. Her partner is Australian
and she speaks little Italian…
so how does she identify?​​

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John Dicandia

Meet John Dicandia, an inspiring artist from Melbourne,
who travels frequently and mixes with different cultures through his work. 
Read his story and find out how he identifies having been born
from Italian immigrants in Australia and why, when he retires,
he may just move to the hills of Tuscany... 
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Meet Francesca who's papa` bought her a trip to Europe at age 19. A visit to her dad's hometown lasted a little longer than expected and the fondness of new friendships and closeness to family members led her and her sister  to buy their own little apartment in the family's paese Fagnano. She now returns each year for the up to two months at a time to enjoy the wonderful Italian summer with her family and friends
and to visit other parts of Europe.

(pictured Francesca with her sister in their father's paese)
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Angela Melia

is a wonderful fellow Italian teacher, born from an Italian father and an Australian mother who reconnected with an old flame in Italy later in life and now spends time travelling back and forth. Here's her story.  

(pictured Angela with her parents 1965)

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